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This study aims to explore factors that make students fail in their intermediate grammar at PBI-UKSW.  This is qualitatively study. There were seven students from an Intermediate Grammar class at PBI-UKSW who participated in the interview that were chosen through criterion sampling. The data were gathered through a semi-structured interviews and used thematic analysis to analyze the data collected from the semi-structured interviews. This study found three main factors that made students fail in learning Intermediate grammar, especially for the students in the major of PBI-UKSW. The first factor was many grammar patterns make students fail in their intermediate grammar classes. Second, another factor was students are not used to taking online classes, so they find it challenging to follow learning. The last, factor was students' become less motivated to study intermediate grammar. To overcome these factors and students must work well together. Creating interesting classes and individual learning from all sources will make learning an intermediate grammar course easy.


Keywords: Intermediate Grammar students, factor fail intermediate grammar, intermediate grammar challenge


Intermediate Grammar students; factor fail intermediate grammar; intermediate grammar challenge

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