Vera Anandya Putri, Hidayah Nor, Saadillah Saadillah


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, online learning has become the preferred alternative to continue education. This shift from offline to online learning has compelled teachers to restructure their teaching strategies to adapt to the current situation. This study examines the strategies employed by an English teacher and the responses of 24 eighth-grade students to the learning media used during online learning. The research utilizes a qualitative case study method, gathering data through observations and interviews. The findings are presented in three points. Firstly, the English teacher primarily used Direct Instruction Teaching Strategies during online learning. Secondly, Independent Instruction Teaching Strategies were also utilized. Lastly, the students responded positively to the use of teacher learning media, which helped improve their speaking skills and achieve learning objectives. The teacher employs online videos as a teaching tool to enhance the efficiency and comprehensibility of lessons for the students. This approach also aims to improve students' speaking skills through video practice, as it allows them to identify their mistakes and makes the learning process more engaging for them.


Case Study; Online Video Practice; Speaking Skills; Teaching Strategies

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