KONSEP ADIL DALAM KELUARGA POLIGAMI (Analisis Prespektif Hukum Islam dan Undang Undang Perkawinan Nomor 1Tahun1974)

Norhayati Norhayati, Rahmatillah Rahmatillah


This problem is often discussed in everyday life.  Polygamy is a life problem that often occurs around us.  The term polygamy is familiar to women, but many people strongly reject polygamy.  The permissibility of polygamy is interpreted as being able to act fairly, but there are many things that must be understood in interpreting polygamy.  Islam came to provide justice with the revelation of polygamy verses, without having to abolish polygamy laws, but Islam limits the permissibility of polygamy.  As in the letter An-Nisa verse 3 and verse 129, where the justice in question is justice in materialistic, financial, and physical and spiritual maintenance which can be the husband's ability.  If the husband does not have the ability then it is better to have only one wife.  According to the Prespective, the marriage law is contained in Article 3 which states that a man can only have one wife and a woman can only have one husband, but in other parts polygamy is justified.  The permissibility of polygamy is contained in the Marriage Law which is actually only an exception and for that the articles include reasons that allow it.


Fairness, Polygamy, Islamic Law and Marriage Law

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