Eva Nurul Candra, Reknosari Reknosari, Elyza Martiarini


Reading is one of the skills in language that requires some knowledge. Not only knowledge in terms of grammar, but also knowledge in understanding the meaning of reading in the text. The same as when we read a news online. Where, in the news we have to be more observant to understand every sentence written by the news writer. Because sometimes there is an implied meaning to be conveyed by the author presented in their news headlines. Grammatical skills are very important here. Regarding grammatical understanding, negation often deceives the readers in getting the meaning of the news. Therefore, it takes practice in learning grammar about negative sentences. This study uses qualitative research methods with content analysis techniques. where what will be analyzed is all news containing sentence negations that were chosen randomly from the “Jakarta Globe Online News”. based on the findings of data collected within 2 months, it was found that: out of 51 sentences containing negation, 39.22% were negation in words, 41.18 negation in tense, and 19.61 negation in modal auxiliary

Keywords: negation, online news, articles

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