Rima Rahmati Walidaini, Abdul Syukri, Rike Yulian Sucihati


This study explores the effectiveness of a Project-Based Learning Approach (PjBL) combined with Lesson Study in enhancing student participation in the English subject, specifically in the context of Procedure Text. The research aims to address the challenge of low student engagement and limited active involvement in the learning process. The study used qualitative data collection methods. The participants consist of a group of secondary school students who are exposed to PjBL integrated with Lesson Study for a designated period. The research team collaboratively designs and implements lessons that emphasize problem-solving activities related to Procedure Text. The findings indicate that the integration of PjBL with Lesson Study positively impacts student participation. Students display increased motivation, as they are given opportunities to explore real-life problems and work collaboratively to find solutions. The PjBL approach encourages students engagement through fun learning, hands-on activities, and increase students participation. Additionally, Lesson Study provides a platform for teachers to refine their instructional strategies through collaborative planning, observation, and reflection. The study suggests that implementing PjBL with Lesson Study in English classrooms can enhance student participation, leading to improved learning outcomes. It highlights the importance of providing meaningful and authentic learning experiences that promote active involvement, problem-solving skills, and effective communication. This research contributes to the growing body of literature on innovative teaching approaches that foster student engagement and active learning in the English subject, specifically in the context of Procedure Text


Students Participation, Project-Based Learning (PjBL), Procedure Text

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