Muhammad Rizqi, Muhammad Zainor Ihsan, Istiqamah Ardila, Jumiati Jumiati


Word stress in pronunciation is important to avoid misleading in communication through English language. The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze students’ mastery of word stress using the ELSA Speak application as well as to find out the effectiveness of the ELSA Speak application in delivering results.  The research involved 10 first-year students who were members of the Language Club (LC) at STAI RAKHA Amuntai.  The data collection technique is voice recording using ELSA Speak application on smartphone.  From the research results, the researchers found that almost half of the participants made mistakes in pronunciation.  The error is a misplaced stressed and unstressed word.  The researcher also found application errors in analyzing and providing students’ pronunciation results. These findings emphasize the significance of addressing both student and application-related issues in order to improve the overall effectiveness of pronunciation programs.


pronunciation; word stress; ELSA Speak; application

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