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The research was take place in Magalau Hulu Kelumpang Barat, Kabupaten Kotabaru. This topic exist because of English as subject in Indonesia not learn from the first level of education (young learner level), so, with this fact students in basic education be hard in learn English. This research is focus to know how teachers of TK Mekar Sari teach young learner. The research did by use observation and interview to get the data. From the data collected the researcher know teacher teach English to young learner use communicative language teaching method and some techniques that are singing and QnA. Many media that use to teach English in TK Mekar Sari such as Toys, Replica, Whiteboard, Sound system, the use of media also give good impact for students understanding. Give a compliment also be something that must do in teaching process to increase students motivation in learning English. As the result, the researcher get many information about how teacher in TK Mekar Sari delivered English as lesson material to young learners.

Keywords: Young learner, Teaching and learning English, first level eduction, English subject.

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