Risky Auliasani, M.R. Nababan, Diah Kristina


Travel article is a media used to describe a place, culture and its people with intention to promote it to the reader. Garuda Indonesia, one of the biggest Indonesia Airlines, in their inflight magazine, called Colours, tried to introduce and promote Indonesia tourism’s object through travel article to their customer. The travel article itself was about the writers’ own experiences during their visit to the tourism’s object. Using linguistic systemic functional theory, particularly appraisal system theory, the researcher tried to explore how the travel articles’ writers expressed their attitude, opinion and emotion to the reader to promote the tourism object through the travel article. Therefore, this research tried to examine the manifestation of appraisal system in travel article of Colours magazine. Using descriptive-qualitative method, the data was taken from 6 travel articles from 3 editions of Colours magazine published in 2018. The result showed that attitude in travel articles in Colours magazine dominantly presented appreciation (74.35%), affect (15.22%), and judgement (10.43%). The attitude showed in the article are mostly positive. Furthermore, the research also revealed the inclination of the travel article writers to use monogloss-engagement and force- graduation: attitudinal lexis.

Keywords: travel article, appraisal, attitude, engagement, graduation.

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