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After the Indonesian government announced for school from home or online learning, all educational system structures changed. Students and teachers must be prepared to learn and teach online. This paper aims to find out how the process of learning and teaching English for Young Learners via online. This research was conducted using Qualitative method. Data collection technique used by the researcher is Interview. The teacher who be object of this research is only one teacher that describe the process during she teaching English online. The researcher does interview online with one of the teachers in SMPN 5 Simpang Empat through WhatsApp. The result of this research is in teaching English online the teacher usually uses varies method in each material that she wanted to convey. But the method that is often used is the direct method and lecture method. She also said that, she usually uses question and answer as the technique or strategy during the learning and teaching process.


Online learning, Young Learner, Teaching Method, Pandemic

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